BERITA DAILY LETTER: From K Gangga Dewi, via Facebook

This is an open letter to MIC from a former polytechnic student.

I refer to statement by Deputy Education Minister from MIC, P Kamalanathan regarding the rejection of the stall contract of an Indian food seller.

I, as a former polytechnic student and a tax paying citizen, would like to share my experience and views via this open letter with the hope it will reach the minister.

The recording of the conversation between the person in charge and one Mr Gobi was first made viral last Saturday, in which the officer was heard to say to the other person in the conversation the reasons for the rejection of his renewal application was non compliance of shariah requirements.

So far we have yet to receive any response from Politeknik Seberang Perai (PSP) denying that.

A PSP spokesperson has been reported by online media as saying that the director was on leave and will reply once he is back to duty on Thursday.

But as usual our deputy minister came as the savior and issued a statement in which he stated that it was not a racial issue since there were three Malay contractors who had their contact terminated as well based on administrative reasons.

I have few question in my mind:

1. Why the PSP did not make any official statement to deny this?
2. Why did they ask non-Muslim contractor to comply with shariah requirement?
3. Isn’t that a tactical move to stop non-Muslims from selling food in government premises?
4. For how long do Indian students, especially those who are vegans, have to suffer to get a proper vegetarian food?

I ask all these questions because I as a vegan found it difficult to get food everyday.

I remember when I asked for vegetarian food, the Malay hawker asked to take out the meat and eat the vegetable.

This not only happens in the polytechnic but in almost every non-Indian shop. This is why I stopped eating in non Indian shops unless it’s a vegetarian shop.

Now back to the Indian food stall inside the vicinity of PSP. My sincere suggestion to Kamalanathan is not to get involved in this matter.

Everyone knows that neither MIC nor he can provide a winnable solution for Indians in this country. We have had enough of your antics for past 60 years. You failed us terribly.

I’m not a Hindraf member or follower but the news that they are handling this case gives me hope that it’ll give a workable solution which will benefit Indians.