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PM Najib and his deputy Zahid have picked up a few Tamil words to convince the Indian community that BN is their only choice


By P Ramasamy

The Deputy Prime Minister should take the Indian community seriously rather using certain Tamil words to get their support.

Mechanical use of Tamil words without their real understanding might not make the impact.

While those in the audience might like to hear the use of Tamil words by non-Indians leaders, but hardly this is the way to go forward in improving their lot.

At the national day Deepavali open house in Sungai Siput on Nov 11, 2017, he uttered some Tamil words to convince the Indian community that they have to move forward.

He uttered words like like “thaan paathi, theivam paathi”, translates as “half us, the other half God” – that half of the trust should be on them whereas the other half on God.

He also urged Indians to have confidence in themselves by saying that “nambikkei” (trust or confidence) was an important element in their move forward.

Remember this is the word that Najib used very often in addressing Indian crowds.

For Zahid “nambikkei” would be meaningless if they don’t have their strength in “tumbikkai (the elephant’s trunk).

If he wanted to rhyme his speech, he should have also added another words, not Tamil, but Malay, “tembikai” (water melon).

Lately he and Najib have picked up a few Tamil words to convince the Indian community that BN is their only choice.

There is thinking that the use of appropriate Tamil words would convince the Indians of their sincerity in helping the larger cause of the community.

While it is nice to hear some Tamil words coming from national leaders, especially non-Indians, surely these Tamils words alone are not enough to convince the Indian community of the sincerity of BN leaders.

BN has neglected the Indian community for years. This must be addressed in concrete terms. Mere uttering of Tamil words might not work.

P Ramasamy is Penang Deputy Chief Minister 2