BERITA DAILY LETTER: From Anwar Ibrahim, via e-mail

The swearing in of Md Raus Sharif as Chief Justice on the night of Aug 4, 2017 will be a black moment in the judicial and constitutional history of our nation.

This appointment, and a subsequent appointment of Zulkefli Ahmad Makinuddin as President of the Court of Appeal, is being pushed through by Najib Razak despite the protests of a wide section of society, including legal luminaries, the Bar Council and elected representatives.

Most of all, the plain reading of the provisions of the Federal Constitution, forbid these appointments.

I applaud the strong and principled stance taken against this unconstitutional appointment by Pakatan Harapan members of parliament who delivered their Memorandum against it to the King on Aug 2.

The resolutions passed by the Malaysian Bar at their EGM on Aug 3, including a declaration of no confidence in Raus, is a measure of the Bar’s grave concern over these irregular appointments.

These appointments highlight Najib’s continuing disregard for constitutional propriety and the rule of law in Malaysia. Najib’s actions are tainted by self-interest and his desperate struggle for his own political survival in the face of the biggest financial scandal in the history of our nation, in which he has been personally implicated.

His latest actions further reveal the danger that Najib and the BN’s continued rule poses for our country’s reputation and the welfare of our people.

Let us take heart, and unite behind Pakatan Harapan to remove the BN from power and forge a nation that serves the people, and not a small group of greedy and unprincipled elites.

Anwar Ibrahim is jailed PKR leader