Pakatan must remember that if they can be voted in, they can also be voted out in the next general election as the public now has broken the fear factor of change


GE14 is over. The people have made their decision. Powers have been handed to Pakatan Harapan pact until the next general election is called.

But that is just the beginning of a long road for Pakatan under the leadership of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad – who is assuming the post second time around.

The rakyat is all but excited to ‘enjoy’ the first 100-day promises made by Pakatan in their manifesto to the run-up to polls day on May 9, 2018.

But hardly 72-hours of getting into power, an elected member of parliament from the Penang DAP, RSN Rayer (Jelutong) has already called for the shut-down of news channel TV3; despite Pakatan leaders like Mahathir, Nurul Izzah Anwar and Lim Kit Siang saying that there will be more press and media freedom.

Though DAP and Lim Kit Siang were quick to distance the party and himself from the statement made by Rayer, the perception is that this could be beginning of the true colours of some Pakatan leaders.

Power corrupts people. Is Rayer’s reaction of being in the government’s camp reflective of the long kept vengeance some lawmakers may be harbouring towards the previous leadership of Barisan Nasional?

Why is Rayer so hasty in clamping down TV3 just because it has in the past highlighted news that was not in good taste or even skewed for the matter?

By all means, as the government of the day, Pakatan has all the rights to investigate past malpractices, discriminative or bad faith practices of any organisation, be it government or public, but no government lawmaker has the right to ask an entire organisation to be shut down for a few bad apples.

Who is Rayer to make such a comment? This behaviour is unbecoming and outright rude for it has immediately created a doubt on the sincerity of the winning party.

And as for the leadership of Pakatan, distancing itself from Rayer’s take is not enough.

If Pakatan is indeed sincere to upkeep the law and order and stand by the slogan of ”rule of the law” as often said by Mahathir, then it will only be proper that stern action be initiated against Rayer immediately.

The rakyat voted Pakatan as they believed that it will be more transparent, ethical and will not be bias as they have claimed BN to be in the past under Najib Razak.

Rayer cannot be let go just like that for his irresponsible demand and comment of revoking TV3’s broadcasting license.

Is he implying that if a news organisation has not been Opposition-friendly then (before Pakatan became government), therefore it is only right to punish them immediately without the due course of law?

And if Pakatan fails to take appropriate action on him, then is sad that the government of the day has already set a precedent, whereby it is going soft with their own mistakes.

Actions are louder than words.

In as much the public was riled up with BN and Najib for being too selfish and arrogant, and eventually punished them heavily in GE14, the same public will eventually also start scrutinising Pakatan for their actions.

Pakatan must remember that if they can be voted in, they can also be voted out in the next general election as the public now has broken the fear factor of change.

We do not need another replica of BN in the making. Enough! Rayer is your test case.