A Kelantan company producing Naim Beef will be adopting this technique for 19,000 cow breeders

KOTA BHARU: The Kelantan government has taken an unconventional step by encouraging 19,000 cow rearers in the state to expose their breed to audio recordings of Quranic verses in the belief that this will produce good quality beef.

State Agriculture, Agro-Based Industry, Green Technology and Biotechnology Committee chairman Che Abdullah Mat Nawi said this technique is expected to calm down the livestock, making the cows feel soothed and relaxed and produce better quality beef.

A company producing Naim Beef will undertake this programme, which is expected to produce quality beef on par to the famed Kobe beef of Japan, he said.

“Kelantan produces the second best beef quality in the country; when these cows are bred here they are very disciplined and listen to the cow herders.

“The only problem is as soon as they are transported elsewhere they become irrational and difficult to handle. That is why we are trying to groom the cows to be tame,” he told reporters at the launching of the Kelantan Biotechnology symposium here yesterday.

Che Abdullah said Kelantan aims to produce the best beef in the country by way of this technique, which will also boost the profitability of the livestock breeders.

The company will use a systematic approach to breed the cows by way of feed lot and breed lot, but the only difference is that the cows must be stress free to get the best out of their beef.

The technique of playing music to cows has been proven to work but the use of audio recordings of Quranic verses is yet untested, he added.