It will not be easy for the Pakatan government to abolish the GST and to lower fuel prices immediately, says an academic

KUALA LUMPUR: Judge Pakatan Harapan at the end of its first three months in power, said Universiti Malaya academic Prof Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi.

Speaking to Berita Daily, the political observer explained that it would not be easy for the newly formed government to abolish the goods and services tax (GST) and to lower the price of fuel, saying that it is easier to give election rhetoric than implementing it.

“This shows that politic manifesto is different from politic reality. The manifesto was made to get votes and to implement it, it won’t be that easy.

“It can’t be implemented soon because there are many things to be studied and that needs time.

“Judge Pakatan Harapan after its first three months in power. Let’s see if they can walk the talk. Being an opposition is easier than governing,” he explained.

Prior to the election, Pakatan had promised to abolish the GST and lower the price of petrol within 100 days if it gets into power.

Former Bank Negara governor Zeti Aziz was recently quoted as saying that it may take more than 100 days to abolish the tax system.

Awang Azman then said that the promises made by Pakatan leaders were political rhetoric and any decision must need the approval from the cabinet.

“Any decision the cabinet and the parliament will have to decide. It was rhetoric and the process will take time.

“It is unrealistic for voters to believe it and now Pakatan must as soon as possible find the way to meet its promise because the people are watching,” he added.

Commenting on the price of fuel, Awang Azman predicted that the price will most likely stay the same for today or it may be slightly reduced.

“It will stay the same or reduce a little bit. But it won’t increase. That will cause them trouble,” he said.