He however assures that the party will undergo a smooth transition of power

KUALA LUMPUR: MIC president and former Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam today announced his intention to quit politics and not seek re-election at the party presidential election slated for July 29.

In making this announcement before the party’s central working committee meeting at the MIC headquarters here, Subramaniam however said he will ensure a smooth transition of power before making way for the party’s new president.

“I will not be stopping anyone from contesting any post. I will also not put up a line up in the election. But I want to ensure the election process proceeds smoothly and the change of power is done accordingly,” he added.

He hoped the party would now start putting up younger leaders in an attempt to win back their hearts and minds of the Indian community, which deserted MIC at the just concluded 14th General Elections.

In the polls, the party contested 9 parliament and 18 state constituencies.It only won 2 parliamentary and 2 state seats.

It won its parliament seats in Tapah, through its central working committee member, M Saravanan and Cameron Highlands contested by its Youth chief S Sivaraajh.

Subramaniam himself suffered a shock defeat in the Segamat parliamentary seat.

He said the party will now need to prepare itself to be a strong opposition to the ruling Pakatan Harapan government.

“We also need to ensure the financial sustainability of the party for the future as we will not be getting any funding anymore. We have to reinvent our relevance for the Indian community,” he added.

He said over the years,  73-year-old party has gone through glory and gloom.

“But this scenario is different. We will have to reinvent. Now people are thinking about the multi racial political parties. We are open to the concept. That is for the Barisan Nasional to look into,” he added.

He also wanted the party and its leaders to attract the younger generation as this would be good for the ageing MIC.

Subramaniam also said that MIC’s internal elections will begin first week of June with branch elections.

The party had amended its constitution to allow for over 82,000 members to pick the president. Ten branch office bearers from 4,200 MIC branches will vote to pick the party top leader.

“As for state and central working committee members, 25,000 grassroots leaders will pick their choice. Each branch will have 6 branch leaders voting in that election. This is a new system,totally different from what had been done in the past,” he added.

The MIC also intends to hold a two day workshop to identify weaknesses in the general election over the next two days, starting tomorrow.

“We have also formed a committee to chart the future of MIC. The committee will not only have MIC leaders but also academicians and outsiders who are knowledgeable about the community. We have to find ways to survive in the new political landscape. Members are demotivated and we need to reinvent the party,” he added.