Monday, January 23, 2017



Najib Myanmar Rohingya

Myanmar: M’sia exploiting Rohingya crisis

Myanmar rebuffs Malaysia for organising OIC meeting on Rohingya YANGON: ...
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datukship scam

Datukship scam in Kelantan, non-Malays targetted

Syndicate is believed to have links with a member of ...
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‘Dr M knows PAS is a threat’

A PAS leader says the only one who can threaten ...
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Woman found chained in Serdang Raya

The woman was chained from her neck to abdomen, when ...
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UniKL has no plans to recognise UEC

This was because the certificate was not in tandem with ...
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BN must harness media to counter negative perception

The deputy prime minister says that this was psychological warfare ...
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naked man

39 men arrested for naked group activity

The men, aged between 19 and 23, had reportedly stripped ...
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Amar Abang Johari

Sarawak to continue English language policy

It is important for the people to uphold the English ...
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Don’t use university logos without permission

The action could be misinterpreted by society if the logo ...
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india youth

Need to address anti-social activities among Indian youth

It is feared that if allowed to participate in these ...
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‘Put aside differences, focus on unity’

As a multiracial and multi-religious country, any kind of disagreement ...
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Mapim seeks support for Myanmar food flotilla mission

The council targets to send 1,000 tonnes of products like ...
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lorry driver

Lorry driver assault: No report lodged due to threat

Nasrul Faiz Zulfahmi claims that he had been threatened to ...
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najib PD

MCA never asked for DPM’s post, says Najib

He says the party was happy with the three ministerial ...
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TPP off, Trump wants to protect American jobs

Donald Trump announces the US' withdrawal from the TPP, issued ...
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kedah GE14

GE14: Do or die for PPBM in Kedah

Forget about taking over Putrajaya, PPBM will first need to ...
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China Air Lines

The ‘civilisation’ of China’s military presence in SCS

Chinese policy in the South China Sea increasingly focuses on ...
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Less employment… and more ‘junk’ jobs

Part III of this three-part series on inequality tackles the ...
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Tweaking zapin and beyond

Looking into the viability of zapin in ending extremism COMMENT ...
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India and China’s tug of war over Nepal

Nepal’s politicians face increasing pressure from both China and India ...
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14 schools in Sabah closed today due to floods

The schools are at Beluran and Pitas, two districts hit ...
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Lack of repackaging factories causes cooking oil shortage

Only one cooking oil-repackaging factory can be found in western ...
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Amar Abang Johari

Analyst: Abang Johari sees no pressing need to reshuffle cabinet

The new CM may reshuffle his state cabinet in a ...
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PKR to issue statement on Tanjong Datu next week

A statement would be issued after a consultation with its ...
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Dun Sarawak

Sarawak cabinet sworn-in, no new faces

The ceremony also attended by new Sarawak CM Abang Johari ...
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British banks’ optimism hits crisis-era low on Brexit

Ninety percent of banks surveyed say preparing for the impact ...
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Gambians return home after Jammeh goes into exile

West African regional military force enters capital city of Banjul ...
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Israel to build more homes in East Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly lifts all restrictions on Israeli ...
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First days of Trump era signal deepening divide

US President's provocative actions reinforce fears that the country is ...
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Our foreign reserves down US$300 mil at Jan 13

In ringgit terms, the Bank Negara reserves fell RM1.3 billion ...
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Five questions on a US-China trade war

Business leaders from both China and the US would also ...
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Uber to pay US$20m to settle charge it misled drivers

Along with having to pay US$20 million, Uber is barred ...
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Yellen: Global growth, fiscal policy key to outlook

In her latest remarks, she stresses that 'monetary policy over ...
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Kitzbuehel, danger-packed mecca of the downhill

Racers reach motorway-coasting speeds of 140km/h, at times combatting centrifugal ...
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Yiadom’s journey from Barnet to the Black Stars

Born and brought up in London to Ghanaian parents, Yiadom ...
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Lost his trophy, lost his edge, is Djokovic era over?

Djokovic, who faced the media moments after coming off the ...
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‘Humble’ Serena forgets her achievements

She arrived at her press conference wearing a T-shirt emblazoned ...
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Trump enters with fewer stars but patriotic fervor

On the eve of his inauguration he threw a celebration ...
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Nordic noir turns dark reality in Iceland as girl vanishes

A country of just 330,000 people, Iceland has registered an ...
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Canadian army investigates mysterious Arctic noise

Speculation has abounded since Inuit hunters in the village of ...
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US city sues maker of painkiller OxyContin

More than 183,000 people died in the United States from ...
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