Friday, December 9, 2016




PM praises security forces for overcoming abductors off Sabah

The government wants appropriate, stern and effective action to be ...
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Anis Syafiqah among four found guilty by UM tribunal

The student leader behind the MO1 rally on Aug 27 ...
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‘DAP needs leaders like Karpal now’

Shamsher Singh, who has just quit DAP, applauds the efforts ...
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Najib opens thorny debate in accusing Myanmar of genocide

Talking about the Rohingya is a good way to change ...
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Chinese families lose appeal to stay court proceedings in MH370 lawsuit

They wanted to stay Malaysian court proceedings pending US court's ...
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Perlis’ amendment a setback for religious harmony, says MIC

The MIC president also says Perlis' move to allow unilateral ...
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On course to achieve developed-nation status in 2020

PM Najib says his National Transformation 2050 concept is to ...
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Mustafa: We value Nazir’s criticisms

The trade minister says that on many occasions, the CIMB ...
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Two more men arrested over Penang assault incident

The victim was badly injured for having allegedly insulted businessman ...
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1MDB probe: Jho Low family dealt setback in move to claim assets

A US federal judge denies a motion that would have ...
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MH370: Frustrated relatives scour Madagascar beach for clues

Relatives of some MH370 passengers are scouring the Madagascar coast ...
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Perlis Mufti Dept keeps away from controversial amendment

The department clarifies that it had only amended two other ...
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Green technology to make our transport sector better

Malaysia is deeply committed towards achieving growth in a sustainable ...
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Perlis’ amendment on child conversion against federal laws, says MCA

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong says its sole Perlis ...
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Can EC explain astounding 500k new voters in 3 months?

The Election Commission must disclose which groups are responsible for ...
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The truth about Umno

The five-day Umno meet ended along with the fear that ...
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Does Taiwan have a plan for the Trump years?

What is Taiwan looking for after the first presidential interaction ...
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Thousands of Muslims gather during a protest against Jakarta’s minority Christian Governor Basuki 'Ahok' Tjahaja Purnama on Dec 2

The threat to Indonesian democracy

The instruments and institutions of the law are being used ...
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2016 has been a bad year for human rights

It brings back memories of Operation Lalang unleashed by Dr ...
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The dark depths of Myanmar’s Rohingya tragedy

Cynicism and denial hold sway in Myanmar, even as children’s ...
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Three suspected kidnappers shot dead, victim rescued

Malaysian security forces came into direct confrontation with Filipino gunmen ...
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KKIA ready for more passengers during festives

The number of passengers at the KKIA was expected to ...
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PBS never claimed its was the only one struggling for Sabah rights

The party has made it as the party's objective, but ...
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No ferry service, over 700 stranded in Tawau

A check by Bernama reveals that the operators of the ...
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Sulaman PBS still intact

This follows the resignation of Rakam Sijim and six other ...
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S Korean parliament passes bill to impeach President Park

President Park will be stripped of all powers immediately after ...
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UN calls on Myanmar’s Suu Kyi to visit crisis-hit Rakhine

On Sunday Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib Razak taunted Suu Kyi, ...
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Graft-tainted Romanian left eyes election comeback

A recent survey suggested that 95% of Romanians want tackling ...
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Trump defends cabinet as hardline picks slammed

More than half his cabinet positions have now been filled, ...
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Banks mull post-Brexit switch from London to Paris

London remains eager to retain access to the single market, ...
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Thousands demonstrate in Greece over new budget cuts

Already huge, the nation's debt after the three consecutive bailouts ...
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Tokyo rallies after ECB but Asia traders cautious

Most Asian investors are moving cautiously after a strong run-up ...
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Fukushima costs to double to nearly US$190b

The estimates were hammered out by an expert panel that ...
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Relegation fears turn focus on trigger-happy Palermo president

Zamparini, a 75-year-old businessman from Udine, is so notorious in ...
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‘No need to be top player to be a good coach’

Ian Cathro, 30, who never played professional football, became the ...
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Joshua eyes Klitschko prize in Molina bout

Joshua, 27, has hardly put a foot wrong in his ...
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Russia to feel new heat from McLaren doping inquiry

Athletes from Russia and other East European states have dominated ...
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India’s colonial-era opera house restored to past glory

The cosy 574-seater venue held its first event in 23 ...
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Undertaker misery on frontlines of Philippine drug war

While there are vocal critics of the drug war at ...
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Cannabis museum opens in pot-friendly Uruguay

Under Uruguayan law, the government allows users of marijuana to ...
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Cairo traffic poses daily test of survival

Congestion cost Egypt around US$8 billion, or 3.6% of GDP, ...
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